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Coat of Arms

Why the Ardennes ?:

The Ardennes is the only French department that was occupied during the entire two World Wars.

In addition, the department is located at the heart of Europe, close to Belgium and Germany.

At 05:30 on the morning of October 4th, 1918, the 3rd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, First Infantry Division, spearheaded the attack to liberate Fléville. It consisted of 20 officers and 800 enlisted men. After the battle, that evening, there were only 8 officers and 220 enlisted men left. The 3rd Battalion alone lost 12 officers and 580 enlisted men that day in heary fighting against the Germans occupying Fléville.

At the end of that great feat of arms the Regiment chose the coat of arms of Fléville as the background of the regimental insignia.

In 1944, the village was again liberated by the US Army.

That is why there are strong ties between Fléville, but also the whole Argonne, and the United States of America.