American Historical Center

On a surface area of 1000m², the visitor, after walking through the doors, will face a replica of the Regimental Coats of Arms and their explanations.

Then he will go back in time until the creation of the United States. For every era dealt with, many documents, pictures, drawings, engravings, equipment and other items will be displayed on the walls or in showcases. In the museum priority will be given to "living" displays in the form of playlets with dummies, equipment and some wehicles, that will bring the touch of realism to the public. Thanks to loans, sales and donations the museum will change as it goes along. Right now the collections stand at more than a hundred uniforms. In addition to the collections displayed it will be possible to consult a library on some conditions. A reception area and a gift shop will complete the displays with also at the exterior a memorial park.

There will also be a space for temporary displays and living history events will be organized with the support of our Commemorative Unit and the invitation of other re-enactments groups.